Murderboning lings

Byond account - TheVillageStoneMason
Character name - Tuyi
Round ID - 11114
Griefers - John Burns, Aaron Hale, Juan Pinney and Lexus Noton
What happened - After the shuttle from the colossus, the lings decided to murderbone everyone on the shuttle for some reason. I get they’re trying to rush objectives but murdering every single person and actively breaking into welded sections just to kill passive people is not okay.

John Burns, Juan Pinney and Lexus Noton were murderboning. Aaron Hale is probably innocent. He wasn’t killing everyone. He just destroyed the airlock to cargo part of the station.

I was Aaron Hale, i only helped them at the beginning since i didn’t know that they were murderboning and i believed that they went loud because they caught a target of ours.
I only attacked a sec borg with another ling in command part of shuttle since he revealed himself and i tried to help, after i realized that they were murderboning i didn’t attack anyone else. I repeatedly asked them in chat to stop but they just kept at it.

I want to report the same thing, that was an absolutely awful behavior. They were even laughing like children, about “how totally brutal” their actions were.

Thank you a ton for the names that made it alot easier to look into!

Looked into and taken care of thank you!