Murderboning Thief and person with an uh oh name

Byond Account: Mentalcow
Character Name(s): Danny Boy
Discord Name: Mental#6402
Round ID: 20325
Date: 20/5/22
Griefer IC name: Bites-The-Dust and Molly Lester
Griefer Byond account (if known): MagicalMaker and YeetMeister323

What happened: Bites-The-Dust was a thief with the objective to steal HoS’ gun, they instead killed and decapitated the captain, Remi Stahl (i assume Bites killed cap cause they had a chainsaw hand and captain was found decapitated and rides had their gear before cap was brought to med), and stole their gear and both hand teleporters.

Also a bonus grief patrol from the same round, a person named Molly Lester (molester), self explanatory.

1025 Molly
577 Molly
286 Lester

Up to change?

This has been dealt with. Also, like Miczu pointed out, it’s an unfortunate random name.