Murderhappy Ling

Byond Account: ShadowAKT

Character Name: J.K. Jenkins

Discord Name: ShadowAKT

Round ID: 12220

Griefer Byond Account: BellyMaster

Griefer Byond Name: Heath Ledger

What happened:

Round starts, me and Heath are the round-start janitors, Heath Proceeds to pump me full of frost oil, and arm blades me. I find out at the end of the round, that I wasn’t even their objective or any lings objective.

This is kinda unrelated, but the round right after that(ID: 12221), they spawn as janitor again, and immediately start dropping light tubes everywhere, telling the other janitors to clean it up, this isn’t something you’d think you’d see on a medium RP server, as janitors clean, they don’t make messes.


taken care of, thank you for the report!