Mute appeal. Accidentally creating Ahelps

1 Byond Account: TritonerTron
2 Character Name(s): Not applicable, as this happened on the main screen
3 Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): none
4 Round ID of Ban: 24513
5 Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): none
6 State your appeal: I ahelped to resolve something that happened in the previous round, which crashed while I was talking to the admins. the ticket got closed after I explained the situation. I was confused, as the admin didn’t say anything about it, so I ahelped to ask what happened (frankly, I thought it was some technical glitch or something). I was told that the server crashed. I said I rejoined to talk about it, and it got closed again. Then, the first admin informed me that it was closed because it was resolved. As I was typing out a response, my current ticket was closed, but I didn’t realize that at the moment. I submitted the response, and it automatically created another ticket. then, I realized that a made a horrible typo, so I quickly typed out “s/apoligies/apologies”, but that ticket got closed before I could submit it again! It was just unfortunate timing. I’m assuming the admin has had enough of me accidentally opening new tickets at that point, so they muted me. This whole situation was a horrible misunderstanding, and there was no malice involved. I promise I’ll check that the ticket didn’t get closed every time I submit a response from now on! Please, both mentorhelps and adminhelps are pretty important to me, as I still don’t understand many mechanics of this game :)

Mutes only last one round, so appealing isn’t necessary.

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