My second favorite antag gets abused 😔

Byond Account: uglykoala
Character Name(s): vela sf
Discord Name: ugly
Round ID: 18552
Date: today (24th of jan 2021)
Griefer IC name: Paz Ozymandias the Abductor Scientist
Griefer Byond account (if known): PazzyPaz

What happened: image

While defibbing a moth in a surgery room i saw an abductor teleport indicator on a table, so when they teleported i shoved them, yoinked their alien baton, and locked it in a locker. I found it odd that the abductor looked just like an alien in warden gear, instead of looking like the warden disguise.

Then i figured out why - after a short shove match they Krava Mag’ed me almost to a crit, after which i shoved them out of surgery room. Then they went through a public door to a overseeing part of the surgery rooms (why the fuck is that door public @samur) they started beating down the surgery windows (why arent they reinforced @samur) with a stunbaton and threw a flashbang in while i ahelped about an abductor using crew gear. I ran out, they ran after me and stunbatoned me, cuffed me with sec handcuffs (lol).

After getting captured, they buckled me to a table and instead of abducting me and doing their goal, they stole my ID, got their gamer baton and left me on the table without returning it.

After round end i didnt manage to get a good screenshot of their whole inventory because of a weird observe bug but here what i got right after they left me buckled -

and after i ghosted and observe’d them -

In total they stole:

  • Warden’s ID
  • Warden’s clothes
  • Warden’s Krava gloves
  • Sec Hud
  • Sec belt
  • Energy gun
  • Contraband Makarov gun
  • Stunbaton
  • At least one flashbang
  • At least one pair of cuffs
  • My ID :(

I dont think was malicious and i think they just dont know abductors cant steal station’s inverntory because:
It seems like their first try and it was an unmoderated round without a partner so i think they just assumed abductors to be this powergaming antag idk!

yeah thats all i think

Dealt with, thank you

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