Nasty Execution - New Years Eve Travesty

Byond Account: AbominationBanisher
Character Name(s): Mr. Mime
Discord Name:
Round ID: 18208
Date: 31.12.21
Griefer IC name: Cadence Lockstep
Griefer Byond account (if known): Don’t know

I saw Cadence shoving an SSD guy around so I shoved them. They tried to throw a body at me, so I pulled out a melee weapon and followed them (I don’t think that I got even one hit on them lol). They brought out a telescopic riot shield and a stun baton. They stunned me and then executed me with a gun. Pretty sure that this is overescalation. This was near the end of the round after the revolution had been concluded by a centcomm message. No admins on, so that round was very funky.

Mr mime previously had taken a weapon from me with no provocation simple because shoving me could take it from me, while I was working on DNA vault post revolution. I chased and smacked them with it when I got it back, which I thought was the end. Then they came back to where I was working so i hid the axe. Seeing you circle back with a saw later in the round after seeing me made me assume you were going to grudge me. I made sure you were taken to medial after so.

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What’s the point of summarily executing a person if you assume they’re “grudging” (what a flimsy assumption off of which to execute someone, and especially so as I had completely forgotten about any axe incident by then and had more pressing matters on my mind - the first incident happened near the start of the round and the other happened near the end), when you intend to “revive” them anyways? Don’t you see how me circling back with a saw directly followed from you throwing a body at me? I didn’t even get a single hit on you?

This has been handled, thanks for the report!