No RNG's ban appeal

Byond Account: No RNG
Character Name(s): Human Man
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Hereisdeath#7807
Round ID of Ban: 22285

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Started arguing in ahelps that it was fine to encourage players to kill the captian because he was trying to institute a tax and you are american.
State your appeal: I was only trying to follow the roleplay of the server but I understand I went to far. Although they said my name was not roleplay friendly so I don’t think that was fair.

When you say mean things like captain is bad or hos is bad it hurts there feelings! Everypony on crew needs to be able to get along and not use there fighting herds! We’re an mrp server we dont expect every pony to fit in to moulds to be the perfect crew but we do expect eveypony to be able to get along.
That can make the captain feel like theyre not welcome and make them feel bad! The ban for your IC name was because no pony would have such a silly name!! Human Man doesn’t fit in the MRP (medium role play) standards.
using gay as a pejorative is not ok ether!

This just got on and on for a very long time! You call them very naughty names over and over again! You werent an antag and had no reason to try and kill them or encourage other people to hurt them. This is somthing we staff ponies call ban baiting!

We expect all our players to be able to follow in the teachings of the elements of harmony.
Honesty: You should be able to be honest with staff and admit when you make mistakes
Kindess: Fellow crew and staff are not out to get you and we all have to be nice to each other
Laughter: We have to remember this is a game and we’re all here to have fun
Generosity: We are a newbie friendly server people should always be kind to the newer ponies still getting there footing whenever they can!
Loyalty: 1984
Magic: The magic of working together makes everything complete! When the crew and staff are able to work together like a team anything can happen!

You can try to appeal again in 6 months when you understand the core rules and elements of harmony better!