Noi Mentor application

Byond Account: Emiiii
Character Name(s): Looks to the Moon, Noi, No Significant Harassment, Five Pebbles
Discord Name: emi#5051
Age: 21
Timezone: GMT -05:00
Active hours: Afternoons and weekends, unless I am busy with college/work.
Are you interested in becoming a mod?: I’d like to learn more about it in the future.

How long have you played on Fulpstation?

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?

I have average to well-above-average understanding of most departments.

Started here. Excluding some weird niche stuff I don’t even know that I don’t know about, I’ve got a pretty complete understanding of science. Excluding advanced circuits and CRISPR. I manage borgs and AI, write (and understand) AI laws, as well as fix issues with either. I can maxcap. I can research shit that people need WHEN they need it, before they have to ask me. I can get rainbows. I can build mechs. I can do surgery. I can demote xenobiologists. My nanites were the best. Minimal buttons and still saved your ass 10 times over. RIP.

I understand antags well and have played them all at least once, save for malf AI, bb, and headrev.
I can spot a carp user if they accidentally smack me a little too hard.
I know spacelaw. Everytime someone challenges me on it I am usually right.
Catching solo antags is not usually difficult (flashbang). Therefore I tend to be very lenient with punishments and or look the other way if they are clearly struggling. Catching all antags in 20 minutes is boring. That being said my willingness to be lenient/RP with antags is inversely proportional to how well they are doing. I tend to ask questions first. I hate shitsec.
Still probably not very robust though.

I am a pretty competent RD, and I am not a shitty HOS. I can and will demote people, and can coordinate staff. I can use department budgets. I enjoy calling shots. Sometimes.

I can do moderately advanced botany. I can grow food that isn’t crossbred with toxins.
I love chef. Cooking is fun, especially lizard/moth food. It gets a little hard to have fun on high pop however since you never get any breathing room to pursue advanced dishes. inb4 skill issue.
Janitor is fun. I read once that janitors are the first line of defense against chaos. I agree. Station cleanliness is important. I like the push broom.
I don’t spend much time with the RP roles.

I have slain all fauna save for bubblegum. Stopped trying after the trample bug (inb4 skill issue). Shooting rocks ain’t hard. I also know how to sell plasma and do bounties. I can deliver mail. As far as I understand that’s all there is to cargo.

I know borg controls and how to tip them. I can follow laws as AI. Most advanced thing I know is how to set up multiview cameras and numpad camera jumps. I feel like my AI play is limited by my lack of engineering experience.

I know surgery and wounds, and how to treat them. I have average chemistry understanding. I do NOT know plumbing or viro. Second weakest department.

I can build machines and structures, as well as rebuild and fix atmos after breaches. I do NOT know advanced atmos, and have a surface level understanding of SM. I don’t know TCOMMS. My weakest department. I will learn engi in depth at some point.

I can look at the code if I need to, and have done one single-line PR. I read github PR’s. Might contribute more in the future.
If I don’t know something, I can easily find the answer.

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?
There are less greytiding shitters because we ban them.
I like the server, the staff and the regulars, and I wanna do what I can to maintain what you all have created here.

Also it’s really hard to refer someone to mhelp then not be able to answer in game.


Fulp-mandated shark image
sharks kick ass


-1 not medway main
+1 posted shark
+1 pretty cool and not bad human being

few notes, and are pretty cool in game +1


i didnt read the app but there’s a shark so +1

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+1 only because of this

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+10000 for demoting xenobiologists

-1 for revealing the deep mentor secret art of ignoring mhelps


-1 Low medbay hours
+1 Active in discord, friendly, knows lots of departments
+1 Posted shark

+1 Fun sec player
+1 Posted Shark
+1 Low medbay hour

And extra +1 just for shit and gigles

+1 Science need more RD like that
+1 I know the name Noi and Five Pebbles and not as a rulebreakers
+1 shark picture
+1 did I tell you about the shark picture?

Your app has been accepted! Welcome to the mentor team!