Non-antag mime kills a sec officer, "on accident"

Byond Account: Myththeinjun
Character Name(s): Myth
Discord Name: myth#2994
Round ID: 16074
Griefer Byond account: ?
Griefer Byond name: Virtuoso
What happened: Waited outside of sec office at departures, wearing magboots with a sec belt, and owning a stolen sec ID. Came into departures sec office with a few other non-antags. Stunned me after breaking in, then cuffed me forcing my oxy tank to be dropped. Then buckle cuffed me to the chair, making me unable to resist as I suffocated. Was repentant in the discord server but still, stealing sec gear is.. hm. Didn't ahelp in round because I wanted to see if they were antag.

Thanks for letting us know, resolved the issue! Next time, if something like this happens, you’re definitely in the right to ahelp to see if it was a random murder or not.

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