Non-antag miner plasmafloods medbay, murders doc

Byond Account:Papersmiles
Character Name(s):Greenlit
Discord Name:Nikki#3172
Round ID:24253
Griefer IC name: Rabbitmandayo Smokey
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened:
Miner goes to the medbay, blows up some plasma sheets, murders and kidnaps a doctor

He was my target I only blew him up when he was alone in medbay no one else was killed during the attack and the fire wasn’t severe it ended after 10 seconds

Hello, it is as described below by Sm0k. They were obsessed and the explosion they caused was also a light one.

The obsessed status didn’t show in the round end report because they got ground to minced meat by bubblegum.

Thank you for the report, this has been handled!