Non-antag murderers

Byond Account: Bagpipe Jogger
Character Name(s): Observable Element
Discord Name: N/A
Round ID: 19295
Griefer IC name: Patrick Patrick, Jamie Rainer
Griefer Byond account (if known): Unknown

What happened:

Situation started with me standing in the hall playing music. At some point Rainer, the chemist, walked past, called me a commie bastard and poured acid over me starting a fight which spilled into medbay, at which point he picked up a scalpel and started attacking me with it, joined by a doctor, Dr. Nutman, who started slashing at me wtih a laser scalpel. Once Rainer was in crit I stopped fighting and was arrested by security, I explained what happened and I ensured the chemist was arrested for his part in the fight.

Shortly after this I encountered his friend Patrick Patrick in the hallway, a bartender, whom Rainer was carrying to medbay at the time he poured acid over me. He tried to inject me with an unknown substance, prompting me to shove him away. He started firing his shotgun at me and this led to a pursuit through the halls involving me chasing him with a chair and him firing off all of his shells while running from me and later throwing molotovs. A radiation storm hit soon after and he found me in maintenance and started throwing more molotovs, weakening me enough that one punch from the nearby chef (A bloodsucker I think) crit me.

I managed to escape into the radiation and got taken to medbay by a botanist once the storm subsided. I was lying next to a medibot being healed, which Rainer had dragged to me, when the doctor Nutman dragged me away and buckled me to stasis. Patrick very quickly appeared in the treatment center, and Rainer and approached my bed and started looting me, which the doctor totally ignored. Once I was able to get back up I checked to see if they’d stolen anything important from me and recovered my coat, followed by Rainer pouring another beaker of acid over me and melting that coat.

Both Patrick and Rainer then started chasing me around medbay to attack me, with Patrick again throwing molotovs indiscriminately, hitting several bystanders and medical staff, eventually critting me. In an attempt to escape I crawled through the chute to the plasma medbay room, which they pursued me into and where Patrick fell unconscious due to the lack of oxygen. Rainer then proceeded to beat me to hard crit before saving his friend.

I was dragged out of the plasmabay by Rainer and once Patrick was conscious again they finished me off. Patrick lifted up my body and carried me out of medbay and straight to arrivals. Rainer opened an airlock, Patrick threw my body out, I hit the solars, bounced back and was gibbed by the arrivals shuttle.

Roundend report showed neither were antags, and no admins were on at the time.

This was handled, thanks so much for reporting!