Non-Antag Murders at Random For Gamer Loot

Byond Account:chumpywumpus
Character Name(s):Aaliyah Wise
Discord Name:Garfdrick the Grafted(Chumpy)
Round ID:20664
Griefer IC name:Garret Bobby Ferguson
Griefer Byond account (if known):N/A

What happened: While spectating I noticed that Gage Vern had been killed. I was a detective before I died and had Vern has a suspect for possession a syndicate MODsuit. Out of curiosity I spectated their body, they had been killed by Garret, who was also a person of interest to security during the round and had been arrested and discharged despite being the prime suspect for beheading a psychologist. Gage had been incapacitated somehow and was asleep when Garret decided to kill them so they could take their modsuit for themselves. He then took Gage’s burning body, threw it into the chapel, left him to burn to a husk and promptly went about their business of impersonating a syndicate and accusing people of being heretics, demanding they show their manSUS. All of this happened while there were no admins on.

This was handled, thanks