Non antag warden helps his antag friend 10927

Byond Account:ocelottt
Character Name(s):Miranda Husjak
Round ID: 10927
Griefer Byond account:
Griefer Byond name:Warden named joey something
What happened :lings were confirmed on the station and both captain and ai claimed hos was ling.i was promoted to warden after old one went ssd i saw a detective with no mindshield and 3 ids in his backpack also i got cryostung while searching him i told sec he was ling but other warden said let him go after i got cryostung and on top of that they were talking like they knew each other irl
he saw detective having no mindshield and multiple ids and some wrong gear yet he kept saying you have no proof then he removed my headset and bag left me cuffed for a long time and almost got me killed because he told everyone i was ling
my first tought was hes a ling that infiltrated sec but no he was just a non antag helping out a confirmed antag he also said hos wasnt ling despite ai and captain telling he was and captain getting attacked by hos

Didn’t really witness this but was a ling that round. I will say that the HoS ling was accusing captain of being ling, so if you didn’t have full context you may very well have thought that the ling was captain and therefore helped fight captain. HoS ling may also have told them misinformation about you.

but there was no doubt detective was ling
he had no mindshield 3 ids in his backpack and some wrong gear

This has been looked into thank you.