Non-Lethal bad virus during a chaotic round

Byond Account: BebeYoshi
Character Name(s): Isadora Pereira
Discord Name: Nishimori Yusa#3073
Round ID: 14991
Griefer Byond account: Not sure
Griefer Byond name: I don't know (Virologist probably)
What happened:

During a chaotic shift, people started yawning out of nowhere, checked the kiosk at medbay and it was a virus named Sample#1 (as far I remember) which means it was made by someone, cure was pretty easy (Lithium) but medbay was bombed so there were no chem dispenser to make the cure, it wasn’t lethal at all, but a lot of things could happen while you were asleep and considering how chaotic the round was (swarmer, subverted AI, abductors) and no virologist or CMO were at the roundend antagonist list I made the report.

According to the logs, this virus was a random event trigger. However we do appreciate your report regardless!