Non Mindshielded Hulk murdering Headrev

Byond Account: PersontheUnknown
Character Name: Burt Garneys
Discord Name:PersonUnknown#8379
Round ID: 12438
Griefer Byond Account: unknown
Grieder Byond name: Macie Leech
What Happened: I was a Headrev and I tried to flash them, but because they had sunglasses on (hidden by a gas mask) it didnt convert them, and they proceeded to chase me into maints and beat me to near death. I would have died, but a different rev found me when they were beating me, and dragged me away. I ended up being brought to medbay where said hulk told everybody I was a headrev, which resulted in me being killed. They had no mindshield, and I did nothing else to provoke them attacking me.

It was handled in round by the staff, thanks for report :)