Noobyssboi ban appeal 2: Definitive Edition

Byond Account: NoobySSboi
Character Name(s): Brandy Smithers
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Timelessdaze#1407
Round ID of Ban: #14460
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

Okay first let me start by apologizing for trying to lie to you guys. During my 7 day ban i decided to be a shithead and test my larping hacker skills and tried to evade your ban system. Why? Not that there is a good reason, but i’ve been having a lot of fun playing this game and I wanted to continue to do so on my favorite station that isn’t full of weird furry ERP stuff like some of the other bigger ones. For whatever it’s worth, for the few hours i did manage to get back in i did my job and followed the rules, which is what i will continue to do if you guys would have me in the server again. If you would be willing to give me another chance I’d like to show you that i can be a meaningful and positive part of your community, and if not i would still like to apologize for being a shitter and the trouble i’ve already caused

Your original ban hasn’t even expired yet. You broke a server rule, ban evaded, and then lied about ban evading because you saw we appeal bans when the system messes up. Flouting the rules so blatantly and then lying about it is a huge disrespect to all of the team members that were involved in this. If playing here is as important to you as you said it is, the time to show us that would have been before the original infraction, not after evading and then lying about it.

Denied for now. Feel free to submit another appeal in a month.