Noodlecat ban appeal

Byond Account:Noodlecat
Character Name(s):Crux CF
Round ID of Ban:17467

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):Following a grief report it was discovered you ignored objectives on purpose, killed a clown with your holopara, used lava staff round removing non targets, made a golem army telling them to cause chaos. In addition with your previous notes/bans about killing as command/antag and powergaming, your behavior regarding admin shopping and rule lawyering in recent ahelps, it is clear you never decided to follow our rules. You are banned from the server for one week, consider your past behaviors during that time.
State your appeal:
Lets address this in order, first, sometimes if i get two easy steals that have zero interesting gameplay i might chose to do something else instead. Said clown was griefing the station with snow tiles, if you don’t know snow tiles make speed extremely slow and make escaping security in the halls extremely hard, said clown showed little signs of stopping and i decided to kill them as they were actively making the station harder to transverse, i dragged the body away from medbay in front of multiple people, none if which attempted to stop me. The golem army was not instructed to cause chaos, however multiple golems did not follow their orders, which were to multiply then kill the captain(who had my objective), one golem even stating that their only orders come from god and god is not here. I only used the staff to burn clown bomb clown bodies and attack a security officer who was chasing me. On the admin shopping thing i have zero idea what that is referring too and have never admin shopped.

Admitting to RDM if your objectives aren’t fun enough for you to follow the rules.


This is an anti-ban appeal. Instead of admitting you went over board and are sorry about breaking the rules you chose the worst path possible. Admitting to breaking the rules because you were bored then just straight up lying. Killing the capt for your objective understandable since you had a reason to do it then you drop the “then take over the station.” and expect them to not do exactly that starting a golem tide??? This is denied obviously, this horrible appeal combined with poor server behavior and clear lack of understanding for rules in the past this ban won’t be extended but you will have to make an appeal proving you know the rules after the 2 weeks is done. If you make another any sooner then that it will just be denied outright. The only reason I’m not extending this ban is for you to show us that you are able to play here and follow rules at the same time.