Note Appeal, Cat Nines

* Byond Account: onadorable
* Character Name(s): Cat Nines
* Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): kosaki#8848
* Round ID of Ban: 13906 
* Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

Hello this topic is only to appeal the “You kept bragging about giving people “gamer” gear as sec” portion of the note, every other part of the note is true as stated. If I recall correctly , I did not brag about giving players gamer gear. If i’m wrong about this then i’m sorry for wasting your time, that is all thank you.

I know it won’t have any influence about the role ban, which I am perfectly fine with. I would just like if the note didn’t have anything on there that did not occur if this is the case.

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If this is just a note appeal and not a ban appeal, do a staff report

I don’t believe the staff member in question did serious admin abuse or misconduct, so I will not be reporting them. I made a note appeal like this in the past & it was processed here & was not told to make a staff report after. It’s just a minor confusion should my initial post be true

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Note appeals don’t exist, you have to make a staff report, and notes are only changed if they are factually incorrect or misleadingly false.

I’m not sure what was the case before, but this has always been the process as long as I can remember.