Note appeal, thanks!

Hi, I know this is for ban appeals but I couldn’t find an appropriate spot to put this. I’m trying to appeal a note, if that’s a thing? I know it is for other servers so I figured I would try here. Please move this thread to the correct place if that is possible.

Byond Account: ilovejerma
Character Name(s): Taryn Rahl

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): tided tech storage as a botanist to build a chem dispenser in botany. Please read our rules at: Server Rules | Fulpstation Wiki specially core 2
State your appeal: I had read the rules and tried to stick to them, and think I do pretty good about it usually, but here I messed up. I had thought that “personal advantages or gimmicks that spark conflict with others.” meant that if I used the chem dispenser board I stole from tech storage to help the crew (make omnizine as I did), and that stealing it did not spark conflict (engineering doesn’t care about their spare chem dispenser board). I’m not trying to rules lawyer and say that the admin was wrong, but rather that it was a mistake, and I won’t do it again. I’m making this appeal because in 108h of living playtime I had no notes, and I would just like to keep it that way if it’s possible. Maybe I’ll become a mod, you know?

You couldn’t find a place for note appeals because we don’t appeal notes that are factually accurate; disagreeing with a note is not a reason for it to be appealed, and the mod was correct for noting you about stealing equipment from another department. If a mod is placing notes that didn’t actually reflect what occurred in the round, file a staff report.

Our rules are pretty clear that you need to do the job you signed up to do and not do other people’s jobs (core 1). Neither building machines nor making chems are in the job duties of botanists; while wanting to help the crew is great, this is role playing game, and you need to do these things legitimately.

Additionally, you should see the past admin remarks of some of the current mods - having one is not something that will preclude you from being a mentor/mod if you chose to do so later.