Paperwork Rebellion

Byond Account: Tactical Tortoise
Character Name(s): Jonathan Joestar
Discord Name: Tactical Tortoise#4824
Round ID: 13544
Griefer Byond account: Unknown
Griefer Byond name: Mutiny (mime), Josh Hawkins (psychologist (i think)), Sore Yew, Also whoever the CE was that round they where a major player in the rebellion
What happened: I was HoP i said paperwork and tickets did the line then went off to check on my workers, then by the end most the station was trying to kill me because I made them do paperwork, the people who helped me where the HoS and Cap, The QM and cargo also helped out a lot in my attempted escape I didn’t die till after the round ended but I was in hard crit before then

for some ease for yall people sorting this out mitiny and Sore both where just accomplices while the CE and Josh where what I would consider the wring leaders

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Are you sure you have the correct round ID? There’s nothing in the logs that shows that Soreyew was doing anything that would constitute mutiny aside from asking the captain to bitch at you, which is fine. There’s a lot of folks you’re implicating in this, and not a lot of details. This is going to be a mess to sort through unless you can give me more specific information about exactly who did what. “Mutiny” isn’t particularly helpful with no supporting evidence or details for me to track down.

Actually, scratch most of this. I was able to find conclusive evidence against everyone except Soreyew just based on the logs. Is there anything specific that they did?

Hey Tortoise,
I want to tell you that I wasn’t very involved at all in the griefing that happened, since I had a lot of my own drama as CMO to be doing. As Horatio said, I really only made some drive by comments in comms, and didn’t think much of it.
I see you a lot so I don’t want there to be any misunderstanding or grievance since you’re a pretty cool person to play with.

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sorry when I made the report the next round had happen so I only had the combat logs from around when they got into the shuttle and there wasn’t very much so I was trying to get everyone I could in. sorry about that you must have just hit me in the confusion