Paradox clone validhunts

Byond Account: Googa_Simulator
Character Name(s): Lia Starr
Discord Name: Googa_simulator
Round ID: 26324
Date: 2023-06-08
Griefer IC name: James Schofield
Griefer Byond account (if known): EveeKai

What happened: James Schofield, the paradox clone was validhunting any traitors he came across and helping security claiming he was defending himself while going out of his way to hunt any antags including myself and kill them despite his only objectives being:

he had sechuds and armor as well
his inventory near the end of the round
Screenshot 2023-06-08 015511
Screenshot 2023-06-08 015454

EveeKai here, i did that to protect HoS as he had literally just joined the round and had to faceoff two traitors that were looting brig, the moment the traitors opened fire against hos i just went to help. Before that started i was completly neutral to both traitors. Self defense in space law declares that it is allowed to act in such a way to protect other people.

The only person EveeKai killed was the one, and the logs show the incident started when the traitor started attacking someone with a d sword in the hallway. He didn’t go out of his way; the traitor did this in plain view in the hall.

They’re correct in saying that protecting others isn’t valid hunting, and the weapons that they gained were A- valid for them to have as an antag B- mostly collected from the dead traitor.

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