Perma ban appeal for Nigel Wellington (DragonWolf565)

Byond Account: DragonWolf565
Character Name(s): Nigel Wellington
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): DragonWolf565#1987
Round ID of Ban: 21213

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Server Ban | Fulpstation | Active

Round 21213 - metacomming with DarkWolf707, ontop of a terrible history in such a short time, appeal on the forums if there has been a mistake

State your appeal: After five months of being permabanned i believe i have learned my lesson. Also this ban feels like it was just fishing for excuses to get rid of me. Me and DarkWolf707 were playing as mimes during the round in question, so how could we not seem suspicious of metacomming? And i haven’t noticed the admin remark stating i am aware of metacomms rules and that DarkWolf707 plays on the same IP as i do (we’re close friends).

This is a valid permaban, so it will not be reviewed before 6 months are up. You can re-appeal next month.