Perma ban appeal: wreckalec

Byond Account:wreckalec 
Character Name(s):Tera Larson
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):Tera#2414
Round ID of Ban:16383

Ban Message: Metacoming with another Traitor chef. You both only said 1 word total all shift before the ahelp and were walking and doing things together.
This ban is permanent.

State your appeal: I started the round with the other chef saying a code phrase and i responded accordioning. I then made food (primarily ice cream) to make a not suspicious amount of food for when i left. The other guy was standing there in his uplink. I put on a coat to make myself look less like a chef he did the same and i was walking around trying to remember what I need, to break into the circuit room thingy. Its not that i was trying to ignore him i just wanted to not make a big deal because he didn’t seem to know what was going on and i didn’t want to be dragged down with him.

Unbanned. This makes sense and the logs check out. Sorry about the false ban.

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