PermaBan Appeal JohnJuan

Byond Account:JohnJuan
Character Name(s):Simon Kemerer
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):BalgtheMinotaur
Round ID of Ban:14544
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):Was handing out an nsfw note to random people, appeal on our forum

State your appeal: During the round i was playing as curator and i copied and pasted a sonic gay fanfic from the internet onto papers, and packaged them as DO NOT READ, and threw a few rogue papers around. As much as a lot of people got a laugh out of it, I can see why i was banned as it is classified as sexual material. After looking into the rules further i realized that the rules covered all sexual material, not just ERP. I misunderstood and thought that ERP encompassed acting out certain actions, and i knew that was bannable for sure. However i wasnt aware that writing was just as bad. I can understand why the ban was put in place, I guess this appeal is just to say I can assure it wont happen again. I’ve got a ton of hours on the server, a lot of experience, and this act wasnt malicious in the idea that i was fiending for a ban or anything. I just didnt think that cringey sexual sonic fan fics on paper was bannable, and was just looking to make people laugh. I saw some entries in the archives that got me good and it was the inspiration.

I’ll reduce this to a 3 day ban instead. It’s important to remember that this is an all-ages server and that is why we are so strict on sexual content. Please don’t do things like this again, once your ban expires.