Permaban appeal: SID3BURNZ (Part 2)

Byond Account: SID3BURNZ
Character Name(s): Luther Van Houtten
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):
Round ID of Ban: 13267
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): (It will not let me copy/paste and the window is not showing the full message/can't maximize, so I will paraphrase what I can see/fill in the blanks best I can) You don't need to be here if you're going to say were "fat ugly neckbeards... Playing make belief" you can appeal on the forums if you decide you want to cut the toxicity.

State your appeal: The following is a response to the admin who responded to my original thread. Admin's original response as follows: You didnt even respond to the admin help

So lets break it down you RP as a racist stereotype call people slurs power game sec gear thinking because your rping as a black character it makes it ok no one gave you the baton hos didnt ok you having the baton you just took it then screamed at sec for like half an hour then moved to sexual content when finally confronted about how you’ve been acting immediately killing yourself and not responding to admins PMS. This is obviously being denied your behavior in game was so toxic there is no possible way for this ban to be appealed and you were warned before.
TLDR: You broke almost every single rule in one round appeal denied.

My response below:

Huh. With all due respect, it feels like there is a fair bit of presumption going on here.

First off, I’m not RPing a “racist stereotype” (if you want to break down both the “racist” and “stereotype” part of how I was acting, I really would like to know as that really confuses me how that could’ve been at all perceived), I am genuinely black IRL and there really isn’t a whole lot I can do if you simply choose not to believe me. The whole reason I don’t play humans often is to avoid this kind of scenario. Hell, I tend to avoid any roles that have to do with Sec period because I don’t enjoy the vibe there, but yesterday I wrongfully thought I could handle any potential problems. Now, I’ve openly admitted to saying some things that were horrible and wrong, but it feels really gross honestly that you would imply I’m playing as my real-life race for the sole purpose of race-carding people to get away with things. When I ask for a specific item, and somebody lays that specific item down directly beside me - not a fair distance away, literally a square left of my character, by another member of Sec… Is it not natural to assume that somebody is just fulfilling my request? I haven’t heard the term “power gaming” before… I was being sincere when I asked for it for my own protection. I wanted my character to have this Manfred Von Karma vibe and for those who know Phoenix Wright, the guy does have something similar to a stun baton in the game (its actually a taser but still…). If I was not permitted to take it, as someone who is directly linked with Sec, I would expect them to ask/demand me to return it. But they didn’t do that, over the radio they made it very clear that I would be punished and, both IC and IRL, I got nervous/scared and communicated that. This whole idea of going from 0 to 100 seems to be a running theme even outside the game, considering I have spent quite some time on Fulpstation with very few issues in the past and, again, this is my first ban. Is there a reason that is not being considered here? I’m not really understanding the harshness of a permanent ban being applied in this case, or why I am not being given at the very least one more chance to show you guys that I can follow the rules and be more respectful… I’m trying to approach you guys with respect despite my mixed feelings over this whole mess, is a second chance really so unreasonable here? Is calling somebody a cunt IC really against the rules? Somehow I feel like you guys don’t want the vibe to be sunshine and rainbows and everybody’s happy and kind to each other, I feel like that would kill the immersion if we didn’t have at least some people who are rough around the edges, within reason - which, I know, I was outside of reason in this one case, and I apologize for that and give my word that I can do better in the future.

With regards to not responding to the admin… I’m going to be honest, I didn’t even see the message. Even if I did, I don’t actually know how to respond once that happens… How do I do that? I feel like this should paint a picture for you guys that this behaviour is not the norm for me, I wouldn’t have stayed on the server unpunished for this long if it was. I killed myself because I was in perma and didn’t think I was getting out, they shouldnt have left a glass bottle in there. I don’t know what to tell you, I feel like that’s a reasonable, IC thing to do when there’s no way out.

As for the cum comment, I’m sorry but that’s genuinely what it looked like, a white mucky substance all over her face. I’m sorry my humor wasn’t appreciated. Is making mention of bodily fluids such as cum against the rules?

I guess the thing that really bothers me here is why somebody who has spent a significant amount of time on the server with very few problems, being punished so harshly. I see the way some of these people talk to you in other appeals, and I’m not giving you attitude as far as I know. Can’t you guys just make it a temporary ban at the very least, is that doable? I really like this game and really like this server, this game kept me sane through quarantine. Please, please don’t shut me down permanently without giving me a chance to redeem myself.

You were toxic in game made multiple other players uncomfortable and made an extremely hostile environment for anyone who had to deal with you. It’s clear you didn’t read the rules before you started playing or even now as you’re trying to appeal with questions like this.

You have about 74 hours on the server

It’s clear to me and the rest of the staff you come here just to grief and be a social edge lord we know you can respond to ahelps since you responded to the last ahelp you got before this ban telling you not to use hate speech when you where once again calling people fags. We believe everyone has a spot on fulp to be free from hate speech and play ss13 in a safe environment. You have proven you both can’t RP and don’t care about practicing what you preach. You can try again in a month but you’re overall toxicity to everyone in the round was disgusting so don’t hold your breath.

Edit I forgot to add this to your original ban appeal but you’re also using the last name Van Houtten which is an obvious reference to Leslie Van Houten of the Manson family a racist cult group based on killing people. Your ban will never be appealed.

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