Photoshoot, banned by Tom F Hardy falsely

Byond Account: Photoshoot

Character Name(s): Larceny Larry (Clown)

Round ID of Ban:20697

Ban Message: Malicious acts. After having their ticket handled, went back to attack the person again, causing another mess. This is out of escalation and you’re a clown, not a sec officer. It isn’t your job to police others.

State your appeal: This ban is completely false. A security officer had shitsecced me, and I convinced the HoS to demote him for his idiotic behaviour. (Henry Mcshoven). He later came back and attacked me with fire extinguishers and a baseball bat, and broke character to yell at me for ahelping him, but was restrained and brought into security. The warden said he was to be gulagged, and left him bucklecuffed in security while dealing with a wizard. he escaped his cuffs, so I picked them up and shoved him, trying to cuff him again and bring him back to the warden, but accidentally cuffed myself because of clown clumsy. At this point, Tom F Hardy comes in. He nuggets me with admin powers, then says ‘Why are you going back for revenge like an asshole?’, and when I explained what happened with the recuffing, he banned me without saying anything else for 3 days.

I would be happy to make an admin report on Tom as well, but I can’t find the section.

  • Abuse of Power(Nuggeting)
    -Little Investigation(Didn’t hear me out behind a single response to the first message he sent to me.)
    -Insulting(He downright called me an asshole in ahelps.)

if we’re dealing with tickets and you did the good thing of telling us someone was being a shitter then you just leave them alone beause ether were

  1. Messaging them
  2. writing the ban
  3. or digging though logs for clarity

It literally is the second thing listed on how to make a ban appeal

Also comments were deleted becuase we dont allow peanut gallery on ban appeals

When reviewing the logs it is just you taunting this person and putting yourself in postions to be around them. When theyre arrested and taken care of in an ic and ooc way you still keep going after them acting like private police. You chose the role of Clown not sec you had 0 reason to keep escalating the situation and rearresting them. You let helian know what was going on which is the right thing to do so there is no reason for you to make the situation more complicated by also powertripping.

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