Photoshoot reporting Nameless Intern

Byond Account: Photoshoot
Character Name(s): Wilson Ivanov
Discord Name: Lichton
Round ID: 22171
Griefer IC name: Nameless Intern
Griefer Byond account (if known): Zephyrlion(?)

What happened: In game, I arrive and do some gene, as I’m the geneticist. Shuttle gets called, so I start trying to cut through maint to get there. Bad idea, I can’t find anything. Start spacewalking, get back into the ship, and it’s already set off. I start crawling around, trying to escape, and find Nameless Intern. I greet him and say I’m looking for a way out, and he pulls out a KPA and kills me wordlessly. After I die, he screams ‘NOBODY ORDERS ME AROUND!!!’ and other stuff. I ahelp it, get told to put it on grief patrol. As soon as I mention the name, Zephyr says ‘That’s my character.’ and the round ends, since this was grief right before the shuttle landed, on station. The whole process took too long to even complete and shift ended. Zephyr claims that it was his character controlled by a ghost because of admin stuff, and I’m ready to believe that, some guy in OOC starts screaming about how I’m a ‘newfag’ and I’m stupid if I trust Zephyrlion, ‘Donttellthem’.

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This has been taken care of, thank you!