Pirate captain murderbones and griefs station with a singulo

Byond Account: Loeuw
Character Name(s): Mate Laserflag
Discord Name:N/A
Round ID:26620
Griefer IC name:Captain Pulsarbilge
Griefer Byond account (if known):VICIOUS O REILLY

What happened:Me and the pirate captain spawned in and started blowing into vault. Captain instead of waiting for us to get into vault runs across the station and finds a contained singlo.The pirate captain then breaks one of the emitters and proceeds to murderbone whoever he can find instead of actually getting money. The singulo then proceeds to eat the arrivals murdering people who spawned in and causing a shuttle call. after the round ended we proceeded to tell the captain he was wrong for what he did and he defended him self saying,“They had 10 minutes to fix it its not my fault it ate the station” even after he broke the emitter.

This has been dealt with, thanks for the report.