Puny_Edward's Ban Appeal

Byond Account: Puny_Edward
Character Name(s): Jesse Pinkmen
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Edward#8608
Round ID of Ban: 10887
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal: I want to apologize because I thought as Antag I could kill the mouse and eat it as a moth, I am very sorry and I didn’t intend on intentionally breaking the rules, I like the game and I would never intentionally do such thing that would get me removed, sorry for wasting the Admin’s time, I am a changed player now and I promise it will be the last mistake. I will address my past history as I know it’s one of the reasons for the ban, I was gullible and I didn’t fully understand the rules back then, I did many mistakes and I learned from them, after every mistake I learned to not do it again, which is bad, I should have fully understood the rules [Which I do, now.] My past history is scarred, yes, but I promise it won’t happen again, I learn from my mistakes and I pledged to the admin who banned me, Drack, that I would re-read the full form of the rules for the server to get a much better grasp, but my past caught up to me and I was banned since he was understandably being lenient, I deserve the ban but I’ve been trying to make myself a better player, so I request one final chance.

It looks like this ban was applied correctly, so I won’t be appealing it; however, it is a temporary ban, and you’re welcome to come back on the server when it expires in 3 days (the 16th).