Random blinding

Character - Latanya Glover
Byond Account - Nivrak
Round ID - 10537
Griefer - Johna ‘Queen’ Isias

Stole a laser pointer from I don’t know where, upgraded it and started blinding everyone, I had to switch eyes twice and I could do it only because my roboticist were there to help, For all other people they remained blind and got their round ruined, They weren’t an antagonist but appeared to have a duplicate RD ID and a command headset from I don’t even want to know where. I will strongly ponit that they started doing it from the middle of the round and not at eorg or something.

I am also pretty sure the admitted to do it at the end of the round if you look at the logs

Hey there! After looking into it, it turns out that it was already handled during the round. Either way, thank you for reporting it and have a nice day!