Raw master#0369

Byond Account: TheRawMaster
Character Name(s): Cepheus (i think that’s how it’s spelled, and I don’t remember the last name. I can’t check since I am banned)
Discord Name: master#0369
Round ID of Ban: 9944
Ban Message: https://imgur.com/76ZGv6a

My appeal: The round before there were far less people, and i assumed that was the reason. I figured in the extreme case next round where there was cult slaughtering nonstop in the hallways was different than 4 revolutionists trying to break into botany.

If the moderator brought up the point that they thought it was the same as last round, I would have said as much, but they banned me before that. Honestly I think it’s because they knew i would ‘rule lawyer’.

I thought the round before was justified (we did actually win against the revolution that round, and tomatos don’t actually finish people off, they let them crawl away), and maybe a misunderstanding, but figured since the next round was a full on slaughterfest outside of my room, that it was definitely different. I just wish they gave me a chance to say that before the ban, instead of claiming that the warning for the last round was to never use tomatos at all ever again.

link to the chat: https://imgur.com/Z24yADA

Your appeal has been partially accepted. This ban should have been a role ban instead of a server ban, so it has been downgraded to a botany ban of the same length. You may play on the server again, but using things like the public garden or playing cook to circumvent this role ban will result in another full server ban, so please do not do that.