RE: 3 day ban for chaplain violence

Byond Account: The_Maggot_Guy
Character Name(s): Charlie Finger (me), Brody McCune (Guy who needs to stay banned)
Discord Name: The Maggot Guy#3950
Round ID: 14084
Griefer Byond Account: Tomatotopants
Griefer Byond Name: Brody McCune
What Happened: Aka why this guy’s ban appeal should be un-accepted.

Shift was like 20 minutes long and this guy (@Tomatoto) did not leave me alone the entire shift, kept pestering me about chap sect and how I absolutely had to use the Armament beacon immediately or give it to him. I shit you not this guy was on my screen the entire time and did not leave me alone, kept pestering me. If you get followed for 20 minutes of constant pestering and interruption bc “muh beacon” AND words do not work, shoving someone is perfectly acceptable.

And no, you did not back off. We literally fought in EORG because you were still following me and in the room when the round ended. BTW, main reason I didn’t use it was because A) I didn’t want to use it yet, B) I didn’t want you to just take it once I did considering you were foaming at the mouth for it the whole time, and C) to spite you because you kept insulting me, telling everyone I was an idiot for not using it, making a huge fucking stink over it like a child.

yeah, I was mad. Taking it from you was probably not the right thing to do, but you literally ran as fast as you could to the chap vendor to wordlessly buy it while I was still setting up because “muh beacon”.

I hit you twice because I knew you were gonna fucking hound me the entire shift. With fists. And then I backed off and told you to go away (I think, don’t remember the words). You reacted with an “OH OH OH!” because you were so excited to use force. 2 single punches and backing off do NOT warrant 3/4/5 shivs with a fucking chainsaw into crit.

no? someone else took me to medbay. I’m also not sure when you took your stuff back.

bro you literally put me in crit over a fucking costume, and then messaged me CONSTANTLY for 30-45 minutes straight after. I don’t know what a sect is (therefore it’s of no use to me) and I sure as hell wasn’t going to do you any favors after that all that.

I had literally left the chapel for like half the shift while I was looking for things to sacrifice to my gods, and also to avoid you. I think I came back like once after you had finally stopped bothering me.

Also you literally rode in on a fucking goliath and had some sort of “bone whip” or something from lavaland presumably to kill me with, If I even DARED strike you. You didn’t even really do anything, just kind of stood there mocking me (“Sick him boy. Haha just kidding!”) until you left.

TLDR, you literally crit me over a fucking costume and then would not stop messaging me for at least half of a 1 1/2-2 hour shift, and were completely shocked that I wasn’t going to help you after that.

@Horatio22 can you remember non-antag interactions from past lives? Because I want nothing to do with this guy in the future. I know you can remember player to player interactions on other servers but I don’t know for sure about here.

This isn’t appropriate at all. Ban apeals are final. Players do not get to request bans for other players on Fulp (either in ahelps or on the forum, both of which you have done). This isn’t how it works at all. If you make another post similar to this, expect to ban banned from the forum. If you’re so desperate to moderate, I suggest you figure out how things work here and apply, because this will get you absolutely nowhere.

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