Re Appeal: Martin Reade

Sorry I just wished to clarify something here.

I wasn’t doubting the vladitity of the ban in the previous thread, I fully own up to and admit my actions where childish and against the rules, of which I know I said I had read, (I have) and so as such I should of acted with them in mind, rather then frustration as I previously did.

If you wish to keep me banned then I understand, I just wanted to clarify that I wasnt attempting to doubt the bans legitmacy.

If I could be granted another chance that would be amazing, and I can swear my top behavour.

I would also like to apologize for going back and forth with the admin, it isnt my place to argue with the rulings and so I should of acted more approriately.

I’ve been playing here on and off for about a year now and have done numerous Rounds as Warden, sometimes even acting as an inprov HOS when one is needed, I’m telling you this to try and show that this was a one off incident that shall not repeated, and I can be a positive impact on the server.

Thank you.