Re:: Discord Ban appeal Last_Methbender

Byond Account:Last_Methbender Character Name(s): Randalphina checkerovistsky Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Last_Methbender

I was perma-banned from the discord several months ago due to me being a shitter by posting inappropriate memes and saying insensitive jokes even after being put in the Shed, I understand that this behaviour went against the ethos of the community.
I also realise that I was discussing the use of game mechanics in the chat which would be considered griefing if I were to action those in game. I will not be doing so again especially since the MRP aspect of the server has been since reinforced and that it’s banable in game.
I would like to have my ban appealed so I can have an opportunity to become a valuable member of the community.


I’ll accept this appeal but you really have to be a good gamer. If there is even one joke that’s inappropriate of insensitive you’re just going back to a ban. It has been four months and you’ve only ever had one server ban so I hope you act right.