Recumen's Permaban Appeal

Byond Account: Recumen
Character Name(s): Iikka Guiomar
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Terminal#9300 (Inactive)
Round ID of Ban: 23881

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal:

The original incident was not properly escalated. RD injected himself into an incident he had no stake in, pursued my fleeing character, hard-crit them, and attacked other crew attempting to save my character while the RD continuously tried to drag them back to the kitchen. At no point did my character fight or even attempt to fight either the chefs or the RD, they simply tried to repeatedly climb the kitchen counter to get food. Rule 1 of the Escalation Clause says breaks-ins/trespass are NOT reasons to murder another player. Rules 1.1, 1.2, and 2 of the Escalation Clause then apply to the RD, who was self-antagging by attacking other crew to prevent them from getting me treatment and by trying to drag my body back to the kitchen whilst continuing to try and kill me with repeated attacks when, again, he had no stake whatsoever in the original incident between my character and the cooks (especially given my character never fought back during that incident).

I acknowledge that I should not have retaliated after an admin told me not to (which they only did, mind, because I informed the Admin staff that I intended to retaliate after being treated). I simply want to appeal the ban being permanent given the context of the original incident. I feel I did not self-antag according to Core Rule 2 because my character had legitimate cause to retaliate and because of how the Escalation Clause and Core Rule 2 applied to the RD when he decided to attack my character. For what very little it matters, my character immediately took the RD to medbay after putting them into crit (although they died en-route). I would like to ask that my offense simply be limited to disobeying the admin when they asked me not to act.

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Posting this just to be clear that there was absolutely no ambiguity when I told you not to do it. You saying “I’m going to break server rules” is not a pass to then break server rules. This is entirely what the ban is based on; you knowingly breaking server rules after being told not to do so.

For further context, the initial altercation happened in the kitchen after the chefs (one of them a newer player) attempted, repeatedly, to get you to leave (you were not a chef this round and had no right to be in the kitchen). You were being an ass for the sake of being an ass, and another player stepped in to help. I won’t (and didn’t) punish players for stepping in when you are obviously being a shitter for whatever personal gratification you clearly get out of being an incredibly annoying person. Whatever the RD did was not relevant to your ban, because again, this is based on your decision to not listen to me when I very clearly told you I was handling it.

Locking this until another admin can handle the appeal.

You spent this entire ban appeal trying to justify why you did something you were explicitly told to not do by shifting the blame into others.

Instead of the proper use of a ban appeal, explaining why the ban was wrongly placed (It was not) or that you think it should at least be less severe (You understand you were wrong and it won’t happen again).

Misusing both an ahelp and a ban appeal just wastes staff time. This is obviously denied.

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