Rick hick's fortnite card appeal

Byond Account: grobelon
Character Name(s): Rick Hick
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): @dr tommy md
Round ID of Ban: 13728
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): image

State your appeal: This is not as much of a ban appeal as it is me wanting you guys to reconsider how you evaluate “sexual conduct” and more clearly describe it in the rules. This ban is the same length as a ban a SENIOR MODERATOR received for explictly engaging in sexual roleplay with a player. For a nineteen dollar fortnite card joke. If that is how thats supposed to be, fine, but please make the rules say that there is a zero tolerance policy on anything relating/adjacent to sexual or erotic material, including satire mocking said material. I don’t really want to be unbanned as much as I just want people in the future to not make the same mistake, or if they do it to be more clear that they understand and willingly violated the rules.

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Considering I googled “Fortnite inflation” to check and the first results were all 18+, I have no idea why you thought this was ok. You literally told people to do that. It’s not even a funny joke otherwise, let alone in a server full of children.

Obviously, as this is my ban, this isn’t a rejection. Just adding my opinion onto this.

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You have been told to be careful with your announcements 2 days ago when you said something just as bad, I don’t know why you still keep doing those silly no RP jokes and thinking it wouldn’t go bad for you sooner or later.

3). Sexual content is strictly prohibited. This includes content like photos/websites/Erotic Role Play (ERP) and applies to the server, Discord, and forums. Sending unsolicited sexual content to another player via direct messages will also result in a ban.

You literally told people to google porn, no one should need a strict “ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY FOR PORN HERE” flag so they don’t “jokely” tell minors to google porn.

Denied, even if it’s said it isn’t a ban appeal and looks more like a way to shift blame in the server rules/administration for your poor conduct.

The rules currently read " 3). Sexual content is strictly prohibited."
If this is somehow unclear, that’s entirely on you. Also, if you look through the other ban appeals “someone else did this too, so I shouldn’t get a ban” has worked exactly 0 times as a defense.

theyre not staff anymore so that should tell you how well that went