Roboticist attempts hijack, doesn't show up on round end report

Byond Account: technoviking360
Character Name(s): Tina J. Kench
Discord Name: TechnoViking360#8474
Round ID: 24611
Date: 2/19/2023
Griefer IC name: Marshall Bailey
Griefer Byond account (if known): unknown

What happened: I observed towards the end of the round, as i witness a roboticist in a durand break into the shuttle cockpit and attack command. Presumably they were trying to hijack, but didn’t show up on the round end report as any antag.

is this the correct round id? that round was two month ago and nobody by the name of Marshall Bailey in the logs either.

I guess not, sorry about that, probably mistyped it. it was three days ago when I made the grief patrol, I accidentally left my previous post’s information (that I never posted) in there

regrettably lost the round id, the date of the event is Apr 8th. really sorry.

closing due to round id still being MIA.

let us know if you want it reopened at some point, or simply make a new patrol for the round :+1: