Round 10005 - Kenny Konoszewik and his atmos friend

Byond Account: Arthensis

Character Name(s): Katherine Hayden

Discord Name: Neumann (Katherine Hayden)

Round ID: 10005

Griefer Byond account: idk

Griefer Byond name: Kenny Konoszewik and his friend whose name I forgot

What happened:
They kept me for the whole round from turbine room, harassing me for playing woman. Near roundend, I have seen Kenny dragging hydrogen can through maints to the shuttle, so I incapacitated him, injected with medipen and brought to shuttle.
After revival, Kenny tried to murder me, despite still being in-round.
Near roundend I tried to grab additional gear from turbine room locker to prepare for further bombings (when I was alive, I was doing atmos stuff- breaches, atmosphere etc.) but they prevented me from that, even stolen my shoes...

Sorted this out, thanks for the report!

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