[Round 12997] Officer goes against command, randomly harmbattons people for no reason

Byond Account: Aether217
Character Name(s): Robert Home
Discord Name: Greg2 (Robert Home)
Round ID: 12997
Griefer Byond account: -
Griefer Byond name: Courier Six
What happened:Event 1: We were dealing with lings and a virus that was being spread. Courier Six(SO) and a detective were investigating the virology lab to try and find if it was manmade while I was in a cryo pod due to the virus, they found fibre of the clothing of CMO and,as HoS, told them to investigate and arrest, after that I lost contact until cured. They tell the CMO that HoS wants to question them and CMO willingly comes but Courier Six insists on cuffing them, they confirm that CMO is not a long as measures were taken for that and they were released. I am at fault for this part for giving bad and rash orders but it could've very easily been verified that CMO was there and making the cure by just asking or looking at what they were doing.

Event 2: A late join viro is walking around medbay and Courier Six battons him and says that he is set to arrest, which is a lie as he was not set to arrest and he couldn’t be responsible for the outbreak as he joined after the events.
Event 3: He claims that one of the people in science was set to arrest and goes in for HARMbatton and RD intervenes as they had sechuds and could see that they were not under arrest. A small fight breaks out between RD and Courier Six which takes them both to medbay, where I luckily happened to be so I sort things out.

Somewhere in between all those he tried to arrest CMO more times even though I asked on sec chat why they were being arrested and I said on different occassions to release the CMO as I was given no valid reason.

The main problems are that he was randomly arresting on blue alert with no evidence, outside of event 1, he was harm battoning, he was disobeying direct orders and failed to properly communicate with me and the rest of security.

Looks like this person has griefed more than once and has a separate grief patrol ALSO active on them. Linking it here for whichever moderator investigates one of these patrols so they can kill two birds with one stone (Round 12999): End of round murderbone - #4 by BootlegBow

Kinda wild two open grief reports would be for the same person AND for different rounds.

He’s currently on a ban for an unrelated incident. This has been taken care of- thanks!

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