Round 25237 Grief Patrol

Byond Account: Smoof47
Character Name(s): Schmeatzo
Discord Name: Smoof47#7333
Round ID: 25237
Date: 4/1/2023
Griefer IC name: Wizben Fizzle
Griefer Byond account (if known): Unknown

What happened: Valid hunted me and other antagonist as robo with a gygax combat mech. Security had the situation handled well enough and there was officers who could have piloted the mech. I had not attacked or even talked to them (to my memory) before they started hunting with the mech in maints and the halls. No clue if they received approval to make combat mechs or hunt antagonists, not that valid hunting can really be approved unless you switch jobs to security.


Taken care of, thanks for reporting!