[Round ID 11558] Jean-Luc Mcintosh - Greytiding/killbaiting assistant

Byond Account: Arthensis
Character Name(s): Katherine Hayden
Discord Name: Neumann (Katherine Hayden)
Round ID: 11558
Griefer Byond account: 
Griefer Byond name: Jean-Luc Mcintosh

What happened: As an assitant on wizard round, kept greytiding in bar and assaulting people through the whole round, essentially on the purpose of grief/killbaiting. When conflict persisted long enough, I rushed to crit/kill him to have at least a moment of peace, tho I was unprepared. When critted and brought to medbay by botanist who have also witnessed his behaviour, he came to medbay to crit botanist trying to get me healed, but scientist joined and got him away. He kept returning, so finally a lynchmob formed, this is when he ran to sec to get me baited into permabrig, because he knew I will kill him regardless. After killing him, he got sharded and as an artificer kept pushing sec into straightforward executing me.

Also sec kept me in a locker and cuffed, instead of moving me to other cells when mine got breached by mob, even after getting it repaired.

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He was doing the same in a recent cap round I had too where he stole my baton and whacked me with it a bunch and ahelped when we caught and executed him for it.

Looking into this

Taken care of- thanks!