Round ID: 21859 Non-Antag Intern Psychologist Murders and Then Leaves

Byond Account: Stragnk
Character Name(s): Strag Vyser
Discord Name: Stragnk
Round ID: 21859
Date: 8/23/2022
Griefer IC name: John Liken
Griefer Byond account (if known): Unknown

What happened: When I went into a crit, he dragged me out of Medbay, put me in his psychologist office, and started killing me while a blob was manifesting the station. He wasn’t an antag, and there was was a beheaded corpse in his office. He explained that he did this as a “hobby” and went ssd soon after he killed me. I would put a video here, but he also had an intern ID, so this was a pretty obvious grief account.

This has been handled, thank you for reporting.

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