Round ID:23081 Doctor/Paramedic Pip stinks the station out with salt spray to hunt a purple ghost, goes ham on Janitor just trying to clean up their mess

Byond Account:
Character Name(s):Slippy Johnstein
Discord Name:Protosaurus
Round ID:23081
Griefer IC name:Pip
Griefer Byond account (if known):Snootypip

What happened: We have a Rev, Pip as a doctor is running around with a smoke machine hunting it, bodies they could be healing but they are doing security/chaplains job, I am the janitor - trying to keep the station clean, for 10 minutes they are smoking the place up with disgusting smoke that makes a mess, so eventually I decide to try and resolve the issue myself, I disassemble the smoke machine and take the board, there-bye stopping the mess making at its source - Pip, well known self-antagger and alt account user(their alt also has notes for self-antag/validhunting, the SnootyPip handle has 4 notes for self antag just for this year.) immediately started shoving me and chased me down with their laser scalpel, putting me into crit and dumping me to die of bloodloss in medical (after stripping me and taking said board back).

This was Ahelped and handled by Mike, Mike stated anyone can kill a rev & closed the ticket, this is true but ignoring your role to hunt it is a different story, it’s clear Pip stopped following the first rule we have in the core rules as soon as they decided to start hunting that rev with their disgusting salt spray.

I’m putting in a grief report anyway because I don’t believe it was handled correctly & I know this person has a history of this kind of behaviour and has been banned for this kind of thing before, they should not be handled with kid gloves at this point.

If this was handled and it was handled counter to our rules, this should be filed as a staff report, not a grief patrol.

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