SagefirX Grief Patrol Post

Beyond Account: SagefirX

Character name: Hellborn

Round ID: #10550

Round ID: #10551

Griefer Beyond account: n/a

Griefer Byond name: Jack ash

What happen: Ok Starting off when i first ran into this dude I Choose Miner after many rounds of chem and wanted to get away from the station and what already pissed me off is this guy grabs a miner locker drags it to shuttle and calls instantly before we even touch ours (Hes lizard)…Then we get to lava land and his efforts are useless since storm was up I go near the air lock to get a air tank and this guy shoves me outside the storm and I take a tick I was pissed but it was just one tick right? Then we head out When i play miner i live and die by the chest of power but i wasent seeing any so i headed up into a random tunnel and it was Jack ash tunnel I shoot my Crusher twice forgetting im not using the other miner tool and i hit him 2 times without even noticing (Hit him with the weakest attack) After a good 1 min period he decides to turn around and hits me with his knife attach miner tool I couldnt belive it like why i was already hurt from your last stunt then he keeps slicing me up as i sit there in disbelief i didnt even fight back he kills me with his knife But he didnt stop there he took my body to the lava and throws it in Then he dosent know how to throw bodys he goes to mine and brings a blue cystal to blow my body and when the Other Miners ask what happen to me He lied on comms and said i walked into lava and after he killed me he said “What happens in lava land Stays in lava land” So Im sitting here thinking yeah he has to be atag there no fucking way I scan the End report Harder then a AI with Law and order law sets and bam hes not a atag i basically smashed my pc at that point with the fact that he just got away with killing me in the first 7 mins of the shift destoying my body and no admins to fix it//////// ROUND 2 Same thing scummy locker into shuttle we go into base get ready and where out Now this time i make sure to stay far away from that guy since i really just wanted to kill him back I come to the winter askimo place and right when i get in he comes swooping from behind i cry and go in as i walk to the fort the 2 monsters both chase for me and you know jack ash swoops right in to grab loot after done dealing with them i break the case with a laser gun and now where locked I find tool kit and start talking to the guy while where stuck about round 1 and he says you attacked me 2 times i had to defend myself and i sat there like are you for real you kept slicing me up before i could say anything and i wasent even moving or attacking back then hes quiet and looks for ways to get out i then take my toolbox out and start working my way through the reinforced walls and while i was almost done…This guy brings a fuel tank…and blows me and him up with it at this point i had enough and gunned down what remained of his scorched lizard body and then i die he then says soooo proud of himself saying I brought you down with me and i was just had it with no admins in sight this dude was just pissing on me and the rules now i know i be doing some shit sometimes but this was just down right fuckery I choosed miner to get away from the kids and now i got a grifer with me

Would like to point out that 10551 was also a nuke ops round, so he had even less reason to act the way he did as there weren’t any other antags.


Hey there! This issue has now been handled, thank you for reporting this and have a nice day!