Salamander44 Mentor application

Byond Account:Salamander44
Character Name(s): Michael Harrow
Discord Name: Salamander#3348
Active hours: At minimum 4 hours per day, much more on weekends.: Exactly 11:30pm to 4:30am on the weekdays

How long have you played on Fulpstation?: I have been a member of the Fulp community for an admittedly short time, two and a half months to be exact, I am slightly short of the 100 hour deadline, holding roughly 70 hours of active playtime, but I hold hope that an exception may be made based on my experience staffing game servers.

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments? I am able to mentor for every service, medical, or security job, I also possess basic knowledge of science and engineering. I am currently a service main, while just recently obtaining enough knowledge on medical where I can confidently say I’m capable to teach others. I know the ins and outs of security from other servers, though I strongly dislike playing security. I personally believe that the roleplay is the most important part of SS13, and I do my very best to enhance that experience for others, which is why I play mainly HOP and other service jobs.

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?: I have noticed a severe shortage of staff, with the staff it does possess being extremely overworked and frankly, underappreciated. I believe that people are overly harsh on staff, and that may end in some feeling frustrated or frankly angry at the end of staff interaction, whether that be the player being spoken to, or the staff member him/herself. Over a period of about 5 years I have worked in administration over several games, working with about 30 servers between them all, with a few of which being part of extremely large communities, some notable examples include DISC-FF on Team Fortress 2 (Which at the time had a community of about 10 thousand), OhGamings Modded Minecraft brand, which was one of the most popular modded servers of its time (2014-2015), and Rains WW2 for Unturned, which had an active playerbase of around 5 thousand. I say all this because I believe myself qualified to lend a hand to the current staff team in any way needed, whether that be assisting newer players or helping moderation. I am aware of the fact that I am a somewhat new face in the community, but I believe that if given a chance I can be a valuable asset to the Fulp moderation team

Been CMO for him and taught him personally.

I give him a +1, he learns fast and is generally pleasant.

I see you on the Discord a lot, and you don’t seem to have any issues keeping your nose clean +1

We’re going to wait for you to hit your 100 hour mark then re-review this!

You break rules fairly often IC and have little regard for roleplay. You have been banned for hatespeech not even that long ago. Your behavior in ahelps in particular is abhorrent. This is no way to set an example for the community. We do not have any desire to consider this app now or any time soon in the future. If you would like to apply again, please address these issues and do so when you think you are ready.

Application rejected.