Salty grief report of Oliver Oliver Justin - self-antagging and greytiding two rounds in a row

Byond Account: Malgover
Character Name(s): Tracy Case
Discord Name: Tristan#6591
Round ID: 19150 - 19151
Date: 04/03/2022
Griefer IC name: Oliver Oliver Justin
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened:

I was playing security officer Tracy Case in both rounds.
Oliver Oliver Justin spent the entire first round greytiding, breaking into places, stealing security gear (stunbaton, sechud and a double-barreled shotgun) and important medical equipment (syringe guns).

I arrested him the first time because he had allegedly stolen security gear. On top of possessing a stunbaton and a security hud, his bag was filled to the brim with brute and burn patches medkits stolen from med storage. I wandered off after letting the Warden handle their processing until I run into them again in the halls later, a syringe gun in hand and a shotgun in the other. I arrest them and in the middle of processing Oliver uses the chaos of genpop (THANKS WILLARD) to run away, resulting in multiple chases.

I throw him in genpop and forget about him until the next round, where Oliver escapes from the gulag and returns to the station.
I run into them in aux tool storage where he attempts to kill me, totally unprovoked, by grabbing me and beating me up with the help of another escapee. (probably remembered me from the previous round)
I escape his grip and successfully arrest him. On my way to the brig I repeatedly harmbaton Oliver’s right leg in an attempt to stop him from constantly “rest-teching” (seasoned security players will understand what I mean). I give the HOS a rundown of the situation and from what I could tell he was pretty sick of Oliver’s bullshit too. The HOS later executes Oliver and that was the end of it.

I know Oliver’s a meme around here but he really isn’t funny and is generally a pain in the ass. He greytides constantly, behaves like an antagonist whenever he feels like it and always makes damn sure there are no admins online to keep an eye on him.
Never stops encouraging bystanders to help him get away as he gets arrested, never stops abusing rest-tech, frequently uses internet-lingo in-game, greytides and self-antags nearly all the time - he fits the textbook definition of a shitter.

Now I’m not sure if he thinks his meme-status and reputation somehow allow him to conscientiously grief this server but it’s not funny. I’m sure it’s extremely funny to him, but for us jaded security aficionados it’s really not - and I say “us” because in both rounds the majority of the sec team expressed their disdain for Oliver.

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The first one the flash and baton was on the ground so why the fuck wouldn’t I pick it up?ya dope the double barrel shotgun was literally in the medbay lobby just there waiting for it’s rightful owner which was me cause ay ain’t nobody pickin it up so ay gimme gimme and the patches your department stole from me was from arrival you can literally take it for free so how does that count as stealing???
I guess the only thing I’ll admit to stealing was the syringe gun since I did just went inside the medical supply room and yoinked it
Plus wasn’t the reason you arrested me in the first place was bullshit?
I was just running around buttnaked which is like what a Minor Crime I should have been let go within being a minute in the brig which I wasn’t cause the HOS was a cry baby I shoved him once and he decided to Perma me which is cool and all now this dude makes me wait ten minute expecting me not to beat the fuck out of him for taking this shit out of proportion like bruh?
Oh and you gulagging me is a green sign for me butchering you lil fuckers you leave me on a hell scape of a planet hoping I would die escaping or starve to death,I won’t die of starvation but I’ll slice my neck out of boredom though I think that’s what you’re expecting which is fair game all cool cool beans man cool.
Anyways I don’t mean to be a bitchass but how is it my fault that when a dude drop his baton or anything for that matter my fault ay you dropped it ain’t go yo name on it so now it’s mine simple as that.Plus is it really report worthy of me stealing shit in game even though it’s your job to deal with people like me?
Although I guess that’s what you would call being a greyshirt I suppose that’s bad BUT hey It’s YO job to protect and serve and all that shit SO YEAH in SUMMARY you’s and everyone in that department a BITCHASS hell you know what man IMMA GO ON A RANT yall matahfuckas THESE DAYS A BUNCH A PUSSIES I steal one of yo batons and what the fuck do you do you cry like a bitch and go lethal like I JUST STOLE YO CANDY and the first thing you do is pull up a glock on my ass and light me UP what is WRONG with you people you have non-lethal way of dealin with me MAN use IT MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN aight i mean SHITm an I suck ass but you fuckers SUCK ass MORE SHIEEEEEEEEEEET you feel me man?
Yeah that’s about it.

Oh and PS. This “Meme” Status of mine (I have that?) Doesn’t exclude me from notes nor bans hell I always get banned every week or so lmao


I was captain that round and arrested oliver for some shit, probably trespassing. They absolutely had a tided baton and bag full of medical supplies. Those medical supplies though were in fact the freebie patches and shit. Just an obnoxious amount, but not security’s issue.

Also re:whining about being lethal’d by sec
“Act like an antagonist, get treated like one.”

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While indecent exposure is technically not a crime under Space Law I did ahelp during that round to make sure we weren’t committing a mistake by arresting you. I was told by Horatio22 that we indeed could, but only if the charge was filed under a minor infraction, such as workplace hazard.
Now I’m not sure what exactly led to you being gulagged so early into the round but given what happened later on it’s safe to say that you probably deserved it.

I’ll admit I should’ve made clearer that what I was reporting in my initial post is not you specifically stealing a stunbaton or medsupplies; I’m reporting you for behaving like an antagonist one round after the other while somehow expecting security not to care. I admire your ability to wreak havoc with little effort but it is very tiring.

The entire essence of the crew-vs-security dynamic is the crew’s capability to toe the line with the rules without seeming like intentional griefing. After a while it becomes relatively easy to differentiate the shameless shitter from the harmless psychologist who got arrested for stealing a couple of tools to renovate his office. You fit the former category - and this isn’t an attack, it’s just the truth. Your bag was loaded with medpatches in case you needed a quick way of fixing you up after a brawl with security or someone that you irritated with your crazy antics. It reeks of powergaming. It’s on the same level as a Med Doctor running around the station with a flash and a circular saw in his bag for “self-defense” on a blue-shift, you know, just in case.

OH true you do got a POINT


Okay just to be clear I didn’t collect the patches and shit just to brawl with security and heal my shit that’s fucking lame I get my ass whooped on a daily basis hell people I don’t even know just starts dogpiling me which is cool hey by all means keep it comin.
I usually just head to chaplain and see if they got the sparring god so i can get my ass whooped and what not if you got yourself a good fight you wanna enjoy it right so you know keep yo self and the dude alive is great yeah.Besides It’s not that I only use all that patches to me I just keep it if i see a dude severly injured i might give em one might not.I have this compulsion to fill my bag with random shit doesn’t matter what but it has to have something in it I have empty bags somethin aint just sittin right with me aight but I DIGRESS.
Oh and the last part powergaming and shittery I ABSOLUTELY AGREE HARD ON AGREE Now that’s the shit I’ve been waiting for now you SEE im quite the gamer you feel me?
Im banned on that security smuck antagonist shit real gamers play on assistant mode listen I am a fucking powergamey shitter because I have to not that I want to ya know I wanna enjoy my shifts and I have to take precautions agaisn’t security and antagonist I always equip a matahfuckin welder helmet and I mentally take note where the mathafuckin Holy waters are or if the chaplain is even competent not only that but I also gotta mathafuckin see who’s playin security that round cause some security out there are shittier than the others if I do the slightest shit they’ll throw me in the cells and shortly after I’ll go to the perma for god know’s what reason but you know Im cool with that Oh and uh you security fuckers you know I don’t wanna be mean or nuthin aight but you know you lil fuckers really like puttin me in a cell for extended periods of time hey the least I can do to repay such act is fuck around with you not necessarily kill you why would I wanna do that it would end the fun right then and there yeah yeah yeah somethin somethin.

Couldn’t you have maybe asked John or Liam what I was maybe doing in Engineering?
I didn’t have any toolbelt nor did I ask the AI to open up that door so maybe maybe just maybe they dragged my ass in Engineering so they could beat my ass usin sum flush batoning and what not It was all just a lil bit of fuckery until you (Rosa Star?)
Came along the first thing you did was pull out a baton and Immediately started trying to whoop our ass even though you didn’t even bother asking what was happening like bruh?
That’s not even the worst thing the worst thing you did was hit Roscoe with your sword for what?
You’s crazy lady you better not pull that shit on other people I’d argue YOU’re the antagonist on this bitch,My apologies I kid.

Oh and I just realized you were totally the reason we got Permaed damn now that’s just crazy wanna know know the funny thing I was asking you to set up a trial since the way you conducted this shit was absolutely shit and was just batshit Insane but oh no!
The mighty captain and this shitter greyshirt doesn’t deserve a second chance!
I mean SHIT god forbid I actually roleplay for once by the way did you also ask the security officers to arrest the lawyers for trying to get in contact with a judge?
That’s fucked up now that’s shitsec and in your part kinda shitty too lmao

Oh and since when have I acted antagonistic?
I ran around naked and saying stupid shit how the fuck no actually in what dimension is that even antagonistic are you afraid maybe me being naked is gonna make security fall to it’s knee and completely stop to exist or hell does me having a bag full of patches that’s COMPLETLY FREE from the shuttle cripple medbay and it’s capabilities of healing other people?
Plus since when has it been the norm to kill people for acting obnoxious or as you say it antagonistic I mean shit why is that the first thing security personel do?
Aren’t we supposed to be a new player friendly server I mean shit maybe you’re right maybe my whole perception of this thing is wrong let’s just outright kill these little fuckers for trying to do something different,Aren’t you supposed to diffuse situations and try to work shit out and shit like that?
I know you’re robust and all and you rarely talk which is cool nothing wrong with that but can atleast talk you know yeah WHO knows MAYBE you’ll LIKE me and buy me osme bitcoin OR you might treat me to the bar OR THE OTHER way around yeah yeah yeah somethin yeah yeah yeah YOU know IM QUITE likeable and AGREEABLE im like apsychopath on TOP of that 0.1% of the whole population twGYEAH YEyea yeah


sounds like a skill issue overall honestly hope this helps!

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That’s what I thought,I win!

If this is the round I believe it is, I would like to say that Liam and I had forced Roscoe and Oliver into Engineering. We shoved eachother and flashed Rosc/Oliv. a few times in a small harmless brawl, then we kicked them back out. I checked their records afterwards and deleted the notes, to make sure they weren’t gonna get in any trouble for it because we are the ones that got them in there in the first place.

I also got in a few fights during the round with the two, but I was never critted over it. I critted them instead, actually. From my perspective as an Officer, it was annoying, but nothing I would think was ‘too much’ since afterall, we are the ones that started it.

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Again under the assumption that is the said round, as a medical doctor I can confirm when I was showing a new doctor the techfab, Oliver just ran into from the door I opened, grabbed a syringe gun or two (I saw him grab one and he had 2 rifle looking guns in hand when he turned to leave so I assumed it was two syringe guns but if he already had a double barelled shot gun as stated one of them may be that) while naked and ran out of medbay even when I went after him. If I am not mistaken it was also earlier that round he asked to get his mind implant surgically removed while wearing insulated gloves and refused to ask security. Greytide gonna greytide. *shrug


I have nothing of substance to say


I get -100 mood debuff everytime some ASSHOLE impalnt some randome shit ON ME aight I just BECOME extremely SAD so AYE PLUS Im an anti-vaxxer so and AND im allergic to histamines so them GOING out of their way to inject some random government brainwashing chemicals in my body is a NO go I thought this was a FREE station and all that shit?
Besides the hell am I even GONNA use a SYRINGE gun for DO ilook like THE type of MATHAFUCKA to use CHEMICALS to KILL a mofo ME out of all THE people USE that shit ass GUN hell it shouldn’t be even called a gun SHITS wack and sucks yeah If i REGRET anythin IT’s me pickin that up BUt then again I did look cooler when I had a gun poking out of my hand.



greytide worldwide

ok thanks for this grief patrol its resolved