Scientist TTV's sec and sci, says it's in "the name of their master", mortals, etc

Byond Account:mibmob
Character Name(s):Goonjunq XIV Kamenev
Discord Name:mt1041
Round ID:28774
Griefer IC name: Bellagio Summerthatch
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened:Scientist was throwing maxcaps at different areas of the station, firstly sec (which is when i noticed) and then science where I was, they yelled about their master and called us foolish mortals, after that I had cuffed them and left them in a holding area before they suicided - I was too busy dealing with other threats to consider what to do and sec was mostly spaced/wrecked. Also, command was moslty gone too

This has been handled. Thanks for the report!