Scott Langley, morphine syringe gun

Byond Account: Solb
Character Name(s): R.I.B.Cage
Discord Name: Solbusaur#4343
Round ID: 12825
Griefer Byond account: n/a
Griefer Byond name: Scott Langley
What happened:

For some reason, as a medical doctor, they thought it was appropriate to take the syringe gun and start shooting people with morphine, sending the victims to sleep (who would have guessed?). Claimed they wanted to test it, which was a lie. They apologised to the brig physician first after shooting them, then shot the captain about 5 minutes later regardless. I only saw those 2 people get shot in person, the brig physician and the captain

i can 100% vouch for them, actually i do think that they should be making a grief report against you instead because what you did was standing infront of and stealing the launched syringes filled with morphine!

how do you steal a launched syringe? i mean what

cqc on throwmode, I think? But that is not really important. Important is that they HECKING SHOT THE CAPTAIN WITH MORPHINE. Like…seriously.


Dealt with, thanks for the report!