Sec but an engineer

Byond Account: Delta0Star
Character name: Nush-Kajul
Discord name: Delta#0196
Round ID: 12267
Griefer Byond account: N/A
Griefer Byond name: Ellie Gardner
During round 12267 after being let out of perma i decide as a harmless joke to slip the captain and take the summary nothing too bad right? anyway after doing this Ellie decides to act as a sec officer and begins chasing me down and attempting to restrain me which would be fine but after restraining me the first time they begin slashing me till i arrive at sec after getting out again i begin to flee from sec like a perma would doing what i could without harming anyone to flee they continue chasing me after i escape even though they are an engineer not a security officer war ops was not declared so they had no reason to chase me down please deal with this


taken care of, thank you for the report!