Secborg disobeys laws and decapitates non-antags

Byond Account: BootlegBow

Character Name(s): Andy Jones

Discord Name: BootlegBow(Andy Jones)

Round ID: 9925

Griefer Byond account: Unknown

Griefer Byond name: B-2000, Norm Norman, some cardboard golems

What happened: On the shuttle, one of the three people was stung with false armblade. He, and a person standing nearby who was suspected of the sting (me) were stunbatoned, peppersprayed and cuffed by the borg and then dragged into shuttle brig. A lizard came in (also cuffed) shortly after. We were all buckledcuffed to chairs, and every time we tried to unbubkle we got peppersprayed, stunbatoned and rebuckled. Wwe weren’t taking off cuffs, just unbuckling. Every time someone complained, they also got peppersprayed. After a while, the lizard started spontaneously exploding and setting us on fire. I had to spend a minute to unbuckle to put myself out after my requests to be put out by the borg were denied. Eventually, the brig door broke, Norm Norman and the cardboard golems came in, and then they started beating the shit out of the 3 of us prisoners until we had been decapitated. The secborg’s laws were asimov along with a hacked law saying Mehmed Miller was the only human, but Mehmed told the secborg to simply prevent the shuttle from bring called, which has nothing to do with improsining potential lings. None of us did anything wrong to deserve this (asides from maybe a little mild fighting with baseball bats, but that was only me. Probably worth mentioning that I did actually deserve it being a ling, although it still pisses me off). Checking later, both the guy who was stung and the lizard were non-antag, as well as the secborg and every other person who helped lynch the 3 prisoners.

And I’m going to assume this happened before the shuttle arrived at centcomm?

Yes, it happened after shuttle call but not before shuttle leaving

Has been taken care of, thanks for the report!